Tube Bending

Simply stated, tube bending is a method to permanently form pipes or tubes. At Redline, we perform both the heat supported and cold forming tube bending procedures. We have computer programmable electric driven tube bending machines with a capacity of 3" diameter 1/4" wall at 180°.

Press Bending

Often used on cold pipes and tubing, press bending uses a die in the shape of the bend which is then pressed against the pipe to shape the bend. At Redline, we take great care during the bending process to avoid wrinkling and breaking the tube by using mandrels (a steel support rod placed inside the tube while it is being bent). Tubes can be straight, round, square or rectangular.

Rotary Draw Bending

Rotary draw bending, also known as RDB, uses tooling which has a constant center line radius (CLR). The die has two parts. The first part creates the shape, the second part pushes the material into the die. This technique is the most popular method for bending tube, pipe and solids. We have an Ercolina 030 top bender.

Roll Benders

This method of bending is quite successful. It is often used in pipe coils and truss systems since there is very little cross section deformation. Pipe, extrusion, or solid passes through a series of rollers that press the pipe altering the bend radius.

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